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Why 'Water-Soluble' Hemp Extract?

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Water-Soluble Hemp Extract Makes a Big Difference.

The full-spectrum hemp extract used in all of our products is unique.

We convert our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract oil into a powder that can dissolve in water, meaning that you’re able to absorb all the goodness in every serving. By changing our Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract into a water-soluble powder, we’re able to overcome the physiological phenomenon known as the First Pass Effect.

Our Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract is broken down into extremely small pieces (micro-encapsulation)... small enough to easily enter circulation through your whole body.

Normally hemp extracts are in an oil form, meaning that they only mix with other oils. This is fine for certain applications, but not for all. Hempower Nutrition products are conveniently made to be consumed orally, just like any other supplement you might be taking.

When consuming any hemp extract orally (in a capsule or any other form that enters your stomach) it needs to be converted to increase it’s bioavailability. Otherwise, the body cannot efficiently absorb an oil-soluble compound like a hemp extract.

In Summary: Our Phytocannabinoid-Rich Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract is more bioavailable because it is converted to a powder that dissolves in water. (P.S. - You’re made of water!)

Other features of our Water-Soluble Hemp Extract powder:

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